you might recall we left Barbara dripping on thee floor this was her favorite way to freak out important visitors , especially foreign diplomats , who were already so intimidated by thee instructions in etiquette they had received from thee Demon Ping that they were quite terrified ov making a social mistake

yes , on a good day , Barbara could actually make quite a splash on thee royal tiles so to speak mind you , sometimes that nasty little greek , thee Howler , would spoil her triumph and scurry across thee floor licking up her juices whilst making a totally unnecessary slurping and sucking noise just for added effect , and extra attention ov course

foul little man why on earth was MacQueen still with him ? god knows what they got up to in private , wherever that was " whip me " " whip me " indeed she'd like to fucking whip him little turd he'd soon take off that stupid sign

her thoughts drifted for a moment away from thee dwarf's cock , away from thee Howler , back to those earlier , more innocent parties that feeling bored used to organize for everyone no , that was crap just straight sex , titillation and whores they'd all become connoisseurs since then only thee silly " whip me " " whip me " sign remained as a witness to those appetites maybe , after all , thee Howler had it right maybe it was okay to keep a symbol ov how it began , a relic that contained all thee energy ever released and satiated since then shit what a lot ov filth they'd enjoyed and managed to have some fun from since then

being descended from god and above thee law sure made pleasure perfect

shit what a lot ov filth they'd managed to enjoy

Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions

" cup ov tea , Babs ? " asked MacQueen

" oh most certainly , ov course , not too much cream , just one sugar please "

MacQueen motioned to one ov thee mosquitoes , as they all called thee servants

" you know Babs , i really love it here these spring mornings thee smell ov thee grass as thee overnight dew evaporates thee mist hanging around thee edges ov thee fields like poison gas thee grey sky before it gets warm especially if it's rained during thee night you know , I even start to like thee dawn chorus and that terrible cockerel over by thee stables i wonder how many eggs he's fertilized "

MacQueen's voice trailed off being fucked by pregnant teenagers wielding hand-carved bone dildos , now that was her fetish by now she'd had so many her labia were callused and hard , though she liked to joke it was through horse riding whore riding more like

thee Demon Ping returned how did he do that , wondered thee Howler , how did he manage to always sound like a roulette wheel as thee ball settled into a slot ?

" may i, ma'am ? " Ping leaned over Barbara's left shoulder very gracefully with a surprising sense ov purpose , and a great deal ov mysterious sensuality , he tumbled thee most delicious and juicy looking strawberries into her cereal bowl without splashing a single drop ov cream one by one he added thee berries , and each time , by some extraordinary erotic association , Barbara gasped , clenching and opening her slim legs in spasms her silk bathrobe fell open , so lightly tied at thee waist was it , to reveal a symmetrical cluster ov vesicular and bulbous lesions a small , clear trail ov viscous fluid was running from her swollen vagina onto thee purple velvet seat

" i'll have some ov that when you've finished up there , Ping " said MacQueen " and be quick about it i don't want them to go off those are thee strawberries grown in South American nightsoil , aren't they ? "

" ov course , ma'am ov course to both questions , ma'am " replied Ping

he had chosen control and dispassion as his path , as his path to perfection so long ago for huge segments ov time he had persisted an entity believing so completely in itself that it became almost real but entities can only do so much on their own you see they can approximate form , and seem to matter they can even set themselves up as strange attractors outside earthly time and space that is how they get nourishment and density but to manifest as beings with a form and purpose all their own , able to co-exist with a planetary species , now for that , then , now for that they need directed desire they require fixated individuals , whose urges to infinite , limitless pleasure redefine hedonism they must be invoked , assembled orgasm by orgasm , transgression by transgression , unspeakable dream by unspeakable dream , insatiable sexual disgrace by insatiable sexual disgrace until , as remorse and regret become laughably atrophied , and in an accelerated kaleidoscope ov fractured images and loops ov meaning , all is flattened meaning is ruptured , and only irreversible terror is left

there is a sound that accompanies this once this noise begins , nothing , nothing , nothing at all can stop it

thee sound ov several galactic histories passing immeasurably fast , as an entity finds planetary form , is a sound not dissimilar to thee sound ov a roulette wheel slowing down until thee steel ball is able to drop into its apparently random spot at such times are thee fates and futures ov much more mundane creatures decided irrevocably , and in a rush ov fear and excitement

once this noise begins , nothing at all can ever stop it

- transcription ov a story read by genesis p'orridge this particular segment was much easier to decipher due to thee fact that genesis was coming down off whatever had sparked him through part 1 Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions courtesy ov carolee schneemann